RF Engineering - Recommended Reading and Software

RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications
Steve C. Cripps
Published by Artech House Microwave Library
ISBN 0890069891
RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications from Amazon

Learn how to tackle a power amplifier (PA) design with confidence and save time in determining the cause of malfunctioning hardware with this guide to the theory and practice of RF PA design.

RF Circuit Design
Chris Bowick
Published by Howard W. Sams & Co.
ISBN 0-672-21868-2
RF Circuit Design - Chris Bowick from Amazon.com

A practical approach to the design of rf amplifiers, impedance matching networks, and filters

RF Design Guide - Systems, Circuits and Equations
Peter Vizmuller
Published by Artech House Publishers
ISBN 0-89006-754-6
RF Design Guide - Peter Vizmuller from Amazon.com

A mini encyclopaedia of RF engineering. Comes with excel spreadsheets for the 382 equations in the book.

Radio Frequency Transistors – Principles and Practical Applications
Norm Dye and Helge Granberg
Published by Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN 0-750-69059-3 £19.95
Radio Frequency Transistors - Dye and Granberg from Amazon.com

Written by Motorola RF design engineers, contains invaluable information on the practical aspects of power amplifier design.

The Art of Electronics
Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill
Published by Cambridge University Press
ISBN 0-521-37095-7
The Art of Electronics - Horowitz and Hill from Amazon.com

The classic practical electronics text-book and reference book, recommended on hundreds of under-graduate electronics courses.

AppCAD is an easy-to-use program that provides you with a suite of RF design tools and computerized Application Notes to make your design job faster and easier. AppCAD is the in-between solution … the everyday RF design tool that fills the gap in between HP EEsof's major Computer Aided Design programs and your handhold calculator. AppCAD is based on the very popular MS-DOS® version of Agilent Technologies' original RF and Microwave AppCAD "Classic."  Download AppCAD

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